The Road to Sustainability

Why We Began This Journey

The short answer? Because we care about this world and the people in it.

Reducing our footprint on the world is not always an easy task. Many times, non-plastic alternatives are harder to source and more expensive than their plastic equivalents.

We know that if we chose the easier (and cheaper) route, we would be contributing to the growing pollution problem in Indonesia and the world as a whole. 

Everyone who works at Dcofrance has a family. We want to leave our children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews with a better world.

What Are We Doing?

1. Eco Catering
2. Water-Based Finishing
3. Packaging
      1. Use eco-friendly catering options for all our factory employees. 
        Plastic use is rampant in Indonesia. By providing our employees with a catering option using only natural packaging like banana leaves and bamboo plates, we are giving our employees an easy alternative to plastic.

      2. Water-Based Finishing
        We will always use a water-based finishing as a default on our new products. Unfortunately, they don’t always work with that specific product and we sometimes have to choose a less environmentally friendly finishing product. That being said, water-based finishings will always be our preference.

      3. Packaging 
        Packing and shipping large pieces of furniture usually requires a lot of styrofoam. We are challenging this industry norm and are working on replacing all our styrofoam with a cardboard alternative. We’re not 100% there, but we are working hard to be.